Medusa's Gauntlet
The final book in the New Eden trilogy.

A single subatomic particle can change humanity

In an abandoned mine, underneath a particle research center, physicist Joshua Andrews and journalist Rachael Miller make an astounding discovery. A subatomic particle is emanating an intelligent signal from a highly advanced alien race; aliens with the ability to create any creature they choose simply by coding the DNA for it. What Joshua and Rachael don’t know is that the aliens harbor a secret that will redefine the meaning of life itself.

“Such a vast universe with incredible energy and matter, but in the end the only thing that counts is how that matter and energy are arranged. Information may be the only thing of significance in the cosmos. Without it, everything else seems meaningless.” — Dr. Joshua Andrews, New Eden

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“Simply put this novel is the very best of the 3500 books I read in my Kindle library. I am confident that after reading it you will agree with me.”

“Mind-boggling sci-fi based on real science . . .”

Great Story Driven by Proven Science
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NEW EDEN by Kishore Tipinerni is a cutting edge work of science fiction that relies on hard science as its foundation and yet takes the reader through an odyssey that cannot be predicted until the final pages of the novel. It uses a well-conceived plot with elements seamlessly interwoven to create what is a mind-bending thought experiment, one that invites the reader to ask, "Could this really happen?"
Such An Awesome Novel!
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There is a lot of science related technical stuff at the start which some may find slow, but the author explains this in a very non-technical way which keeps you entertained. The characters are very relatable, and the plot progresses in an engaging fashion. The climax and ending is indeed mind-boggling. It left me with the feeling of “what if this actually could happen?” which is exactly what I look for in a sci fi story,
Original and brilliant weaving of science, fiction, and humanity.
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I finished the book only to immediately realize that it would not be “finished with me” for some time to come. It has been a pleasant and interesting subject of contemplation for me and has caused me to recommend it to any who are fans of fiction that pays proper attention to science (albeit a field of science we still are still struggling to understand fully).
First Time Author / Incredible Plot
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Amazing first effort by this author on the subject of quantum entanglement as solution to Fermi Paradox, directed panspermia, and the equivalent of something akin to the Prime Directive... The concept he develops as the primary plot mechanism and how he does so (staying close to real science) is done quite credibly (think 'The Martian').

Kishore Tipirneni

Kishore Tipirneni MD was born in India but moved to the US at the age of 4. He grew up in Columbus Ohio and taught himself computer programming in the 80’s while in high school.

After finishing high school, he was accepted into a combined BS/MD program in Akron which allowed him to get his bachelor’s degree and medical degree in 6 years. He did his residency in orthopedic surgery in Detroit and has been a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Phoenix since 1996.

Even though his official profession had been as an orthopedic surgeon, Kishore never lost his love of programming that he acquired from high school. In 1997, shortly after starting his practice, Kishore was on call one night and received a call from the local ER that there was a child with a wrist fracture. In 1997, x-rays were still be taken on film and not digitally. When the physician in the ER couldn’t accurately describe the x-rays of the wrist fracture over the phone, Kishore had to drive into the hospital just to look at the films to determine treatment. There had to be a better way to see x-rays from home. This prompted Kishore to write computer software that could use a digital camera to take a picture of the film x-rays and then securely display them on a website so that the physician could see them from home.

Over the next few years, this software became the leading digital x-ray software in the US for orthopedics and Kishore’s company was acquired in 2004 by Stryker Medical. Kishore owns many patents in both the medical and software space.

New Eden is Kishore’s first foray into the literary world, and due to his knowledge of both the medical science and computer science, he is uniquely able to intertwine these disparate subjects in this novel.


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